About Chris

The Christopher R Gregoire Scholarship & Memorial Fund was created to keep the legacy and memory alive of our precious first born son, affectionately known as Chris. He was a funny, loving kid who loved sports, adventure and laughter. Even when being reprimanded he had a way to make you laugh and smile. As a parent many times I had to hold in my laughter and turn my head. He was very inquisitive and always asked a million questions. He wanted to know about everything! I can remember sitting in the stands at his games and if he didn’t agree with something he would go right to the coach and ask questions or explain his case. Always respectful but never backing down. I always said he would make a great attorney. He’d negotiate his case no matter what.

The morning before he passed Chris sat down with his mom in the family room and had an hour long discussion about his grades, the importance of earning a scholarship for college and how hard he planned to work on the football field. He was so excited about his new job at WhataBurger and his newly earned staring position for his High School varsity football team. He played varsity football as a sophomore but he wasn’t starting and hated not playing as often as he wanted. In many aspects Chris was a normal 16 year old except I can honestly say he didn’t give us any trouble. He didn’t hang out late nights. We never had problems with drugs or alcohol. My biggest complaint was the way he answered me as if I was bothering him when I called him down from his room. He was a responsible big brother, a loving cousin, and a loyal good friend. He was a hard worker, even dedicated his summer to helping his parents build their business. While he would probably say he hated working for us, he still gave it his all. He worked long hours doing hard manual labor and developed skills that many of our adult employees did not have.

After his passing, we found out that Chris was involved in the youth ministry with a local church and didn’t even tell us. We attended church as a family, but he always showed interest in a different church. He would ask his mom if they could visit and she never got around to going, so he took it upon himself to go on his own. That’s the type of young man he was. He made us very proud parents.

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